Putting Things into Perspective

Today I had a bit of bad news, I won’t go into the details as it doesn’t just involve me. It was the type of news that can lead to a moment of reflection and contemplation.

There is a saying that goes ‘Work to live, not live to work’. It is sometimes difficult to focus on what is really important and get caught up in the endless struggle to earn more money so you can spend more money. It is this cycle that leads many people to end up in a job they hate just because it pays good money.

I am lucky in that I don’t hate my job. But I still sought to discover what I think is important to me. I also write and this is something I really

old-time-clockenjoy. The freedom to put my thoughts and feelings into words is both cathartic and relaxing.

Writing is a job I would love to do full time, but I have always worried about not having the safety net of a steady job to fall back on. Recent events however, have lead me to think that we are all on an inevitable path to whatever you believe there is after this existence. Earning a lot of money or working long hours does not prevent that event from happening.

Taking the chance to do something I enjoy and seizing the moment is what we all must do to ensure we have a full and meaningful life. It doesn’t matter in what form that takes, but chasing your goals and living for the moment will enable you to reach the end without the fear of regret.

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