The Long and the Short of Anxiety

Today I was a little surprised by my anxiety. I think this is only because I have had a pretty good run of days where my anxious feelings have been good or even non-existent. This time however, I had anxious feelings early on in the morning for the first time in ages.

I have obviously had that many time over, but I threw me a little after such good period. I think this may have been the reason that it dragged on longer than it normally does. The other reason was that because I have been so good, I forgot my distraction ‘tools’ that I sometimes use.

I have a string of small plastic sections that I can twist and turn. I find that this gives my hands something to focus on and distract my mind. I also have a menthol nose inhaler that I use occasionally again to distract my senses.

Unfortunately, I left them both at home, so when I looked for them, they weren’t there. My anxiety immediately shot up, which was very unpleasant, but I  have back-up breathing techniques that I used to control it.

It made the anxiety last longer than expected, but I felt good that I was able to control the feelings even though I didn’t have my usual coping aids.

If you use such things to help you, it is always a good idea to have a backup just in case.


4 thoughts on “The Long and the Short of Anxiety

  1. You must be very proud of yourself that you were able to focus and use your breathing techniques. Well done! It is difficult for me to use my toolbox…I am still trying to learn to focus on the tools – hopefully I will get to where you are soon! I wish you strength and peace. 🙂


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