The Good the Bad and the Ugly

My wife and I were discussing how things have changed since we were younger. I am unfortunately old enough to remember when there were no mobile phones or computers. When we thought about how far technology has evolved over the years, we thought how lucky children are today.


Of course with all this emerging technology, is also a lot of problems. Exploitation, bullying and of course harassment are just a few of the problems that this new social media explosion has caused. These things are not new of course, but the fact that people can now do these things to people almost 24/7 means the risk of depression and suicide as a result has increased.

This is why it is so important that parents monitor their children’s exposure if they can and we all have to play a role in raising awareness.

As a former victim of bullying at school, I knew that I always had a break when I left for the day and at weekends and holidays. This is not as easy to do now that we are all invisibly connected.

My daughter will always know that I can be there for her if she ever suffers this kind of problem. Even if it is only to talk and share her experiences.


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