Time to Unite, Time to Talk


Well, today is a big day for two subjects that at the moment are very close to my heart. Firstly it is mental health awareness day and also World Cancer Day.

Obviously, mental health is something close to my heart and I am trying in my own small way to raise awareness and help others. There are lots of events and chats on Facebook and Twitter today. If there are any people reading this that are suffering and haven’t sought help, please do. It is a difficult thing to admit and even more difficult to tell others, especially family, but the relief it can bring can be immense.

There is help out there and even though it may be sporadic and difficult to get in some areas of the country with the NHS, there are many charities that can help you to find the support you need.

The other is cancer, which for me is like being a powerless observer. My friend was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 and is thankfully still battling. He is a very brave and courageous person, who is an example to everyone.

Three weeks ago, my mother was also diagnosed with cancer. This was a shock in some ways, but not in others. You sometimes fear the worst, without really thinking it will happen. Even though she has had symptoms, there is always a thought that it is nothing and the doctor will give her some medication and all will be well.

I feel like I am reading one of those books I used to love as a kid, where you can decide where the story goes by turning to another page. The only problem with life, is that you can’t decide that this page isn’t very good so turn back to the other page instead.

There are going to be many decisions in the months ahead, but all we can do is try our best with the story we have been given.

The hospital has been very good and supportive to her and she has had wonderful support from the angels of mercy that are the MacMillan nurses. I truly think that many of these people including Marie Curie nurses are some of the most amazing individuals. They along with nurses everywhere, are caring for people at the worst time.

My brother who has explorer blood in his veins, is going to make a sponsored trek up Mount Everest to raise money for Cancer Research UK. He is a brave soul and I am sure he will raise lots of money for them.

If there is anyone out there who actually reads these babblings of mine, then he has a Just Giving page Www.Justgiving.com/Neil-Daws where people can donate.

Both of these issues affect so many people around the world, both are difficult things to deal with and claim lives in their own way. The thing that can help people with either of these is support and love.

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