The Great Unfinished…..

If by some miracle, I ever become famous, I will have a whole back catalogue of unfinished projects and ideas that someone in my stead will turn into some greatest hits compilation. I’m not talking music, but things, ideas, projects. A whole plethora of half hearted attempts to ‘do’ something.

I don’t pretend to be gifted or talented, I just have an idea and sometimes it leads to other things and other projects. Sometimes, I merge two or three things together to make something else. Unfortunately, I am not very good at clearing up after myself. I always think that in years to come, there will be a trail of my past projects littering the internet like old space debris. I certainly won’t be able to disappear and live off the grid. There is more of me on the grid than off it I think.

However before everyone reading this (if there is anyone), leaves thinking it will fade away, I have made a conscious effort to maintain this blog. It may evolve and shift to a dedicated host, but I wanted to create something that would help or at least support people in a similar situation. Even those who aren’t might find my travels through life slightly interesting.

In the mean time, I have expanded my empire to include Instagram ( walking with anxiety) and Facebook (same as Instagram). I hope that anyone reading this will follow me on there, if only to add to there friends list. I have had a great time on Twitter and accumulated 300 followers! More than I ever thought I would. I am also enjoying giving my opinion on things I care about like health and mental illness.

If you are following me, then thank you. I hope that I can give you some help, support or just an entertaining read.


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