There is Always Someone Else the Same as You

There is a certain relief to be found in the realisation that you aren’t the only one. Of course I am not referring to anxiety or OCD, as there is a worrying increase in the number of people suffering from these problems. But although the condition and many of its effects area similar, people have some different symptoms and very different ways to deal with it.

I have been on a number of forums and support groups over the years and I have had others tell me that they have similar symptoms. However, I recently discovered a group that has had more people like me than anywhere  I’ve been before. The Anxiety Group on Facebook is a closed group of people who are dealing with anxiety in its many cruel forms. I have only been on there about a week, but I have already had a few conversations about similar symptoms and ways too deal with it.

I had never thought that I would find other people who have my own unique ways of coping. It just goes to show you that there is always someone who you can relate to. It really gives you a sense that you are not alone in this world regardless of your problems.

This is one of the reasons I wanted to write this blog. I didn’t think that I wanted to write the top 10 things to do during a panic attack, because everyone is different. Some very effective ways of coping are useless to some, who need completely different distractions. I think all I wanted to do was to show people that some people do have have anxiety for many years, but you can cope. In return, maybe I will find new ways of coping and maybe even of beating it altogether.


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