An Old Dog Learning New Tricks


I freely admit that I am not as young as I used to be, but then I guess no-one is. Even at the sprightly age of 42, I am always aware that the technology age is moving fast. I have always been able to keep on top of it, but an event happened the other day that left shivers down my spine.

My daughter was watching her favourite YouTube broadcaster DanTDM who is apparently the best person ever! She was trying to watch his latest episode, but the video wouldn’t load.  She always asks me to fix things for her if they don’t work and I have gained a bit of a reputation for always being able to fix it. I went over and reloaded the page and it started to load as it often does. I thought it was taking a bit too long, so I was going to refresh again, when my daughter said, ‘Dad, you just have to go forward and back on the timeline and it will work’.

She promptly went over and demonstrated it to me and sure enough, it worked. At that moment I felt a mixture of pride, fear and sheer panic. Pride that my daughter had tried and obviously succeeded to fix a problem herself, fear that I was losing my touch and panic that I was turning into one of those people that are ‘Not very good with technology’.

I had convinced myself that I was at least keeping up with technology and I have always tried the latest software or at least read about it. In my mind, I know that it is only a small thing, but it was the first time she had taught me something that I didn’t know. I had a vision of me and my mum when she rings me and asks if she needs the ‘Box with the flashing lights’ on if she wants to email her favourite DJ.

I am delighted that my daughter is learning these things, because computers and technology are going to play an ever increasing role in peoples lives. I am currently learning how to use Adobe After Effects and this is really interesting. I hope it will lead to me being able to do more interesting websites and slides. I am just waiting for my daughter to come over and tell me that I am doing it wrong ha ha.


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