School or Doctors Surgery?

It is that time of year when the colds and flu are doing the rounds. Almost everyone I meet are sniffing, sneezing or making a great impression of Barry White.

For me it is the very worst time of year, I know that there are bugs and colds all year round, but this time of year it is never ending. Because my anxiety is mainly centred around health, I am in a near constant state of panic in the winter.

I often think that I should live in a sealed room for winter, or maybe that I should have been a bear or hedgehog that hibernates. Despite that, we have always encouraged our daughter to go into school if she has a cold unless she is sick in which case the school insist she stays home.

That was until recently however. The school are now in special measures and they have been really ramping up the pressure on kids to come into school no matter how ill they are. When my daughter was sick overnight a while ago, I rang in to say she wasn’t well and the receptionist said it depended on why she was sick. Not being medically trained and not having access to a lab in my loft, I had to say that I didn’t know the exact cause.

Today we went into school and there was a long line of children with their parents, signing in various bottles of medication for them to take while there. One child was coughing non-stop and looked really poorly. I felt a mixture of anxiety because of the close proximity to what my mind had decided was a highly contagious, life limiting disease and anger that she had been made to attend.

I am absolutely in favour of keeping kids in school, but sometimes that line gets very blurry.


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