Can Mental Health Be Treated Equally?


I have been reading a lot of articles about the number of people who are denied treatment for mental illness because there isn’t enough funding. Then today I saw a report that indicated the number of people suffering from mental illness would increase because of lack of funding.

I know that David Cameron pledged to tackle this issue on the BBC last night, but will he go far enough?

There needs to be an equality between mental illness and physical illness. So many people including healthcare professionals still think that a lot of people are faking and that there is nothing wrong. All I know is that I and anyone else who has to deal with this every day will tell you that It isn’t something you would want.

I feel as though a lot of people see mental health as a nonsense and something you can just forget about and get on with it. I have tried very hard over the past years to do exactly that. I have deliberately put myself in situations that cause me a lot of anxiety, simply because I thought it would help. In reality, it hasn’t helped much at all. I still get panic attacks and I am still made to feel like it is a nuisance rather than something that needs treating.

I agree with those that think they would get better treatment if it was a physical illness. If it was brain damage or a tumor in the brain – something they could scan, then I think it would get the recognition it needs. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the help they need, whether physical or mental.

I just hope that the Prime Minister will see how important this is, not just for those suffering, but also for the economy he wants to build.

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