Stop My Brain I Want to Get Off!

Today has been one of those days. A long drawn out feeling of panic that has lasted from waking up until now. There has only been a few blissful moments when I have been free of it today.

I do my best to try and keep busy when this happens, but in truth all I do is tit about doing nothing much at all. It is very frustrating and not a little bit annoying, especially when I really want to get something done.

I have managed to slow my brain down long enough to do a few things on my blog, but this is only with a concerted effort. It isn’t as though there is really any reason for it, I am worried about my mother, but that has been the case for a couple of weeks.

It is like the ‘fight or flight’ mode in my mind is stuck on flight and I can’t disengage it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just turn your brain off and on again and reboot it? If that were possible, I think it would be a great help.


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