George Osborne warns of further spending cuts in Budget – BBC News

This interview that Chancellor George Osborne had in China could be another slap in the face for many looking for help, in particular, those with mental health problems.

He has said that he will have to cut more from the public services in order to keep on track with his spending. As we have seen with other cuts, this just means that people don’t get the service they need or deserve.

Although he has maintained that some government departments will be spared, this has been said before and not delivered. Many people think that reducing spending on the public services is a good thing because it reduces taxes, but it is a false economy.

Although there was overspending in the past, many government departments are now running below the level to work efficiently. This means longer waiting times for appointments, reduced services and less capacity to deal with surges in demand.

Soon, everyone will realise that public sector workers are actually an important part of the system and with less of them, the system will slow down. It will mean longer waits for passports, less police on the street, less security at major events and less services for the sick and injured.

This can be seen with the Junior Doctors dispute. The government want them to do more work, but with the same or less pay. These people literally save lives every single day and help many thousands of people every day. Yet the government have agreed a 1.3% rise in their own salary.

Are the savings George Osborne is talking about to save money for the country, or simply to fund their own pay rise?

via George Osborne warns of further spending cuts in Budget – BBC News.

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