Final Destination Fest


I didn’t watch the Final Destination movies when they were released, I’m not sure why, but they didn’t really appeal to me. I think I wasn’t really into the who horror thing when I was younger, but over the years, my tastes have changed.

A couple of days ago, I thought I would take a look at the first Final Destination movie and see what it was like. Although it doesn’t have a killer as such, it does have some spectacular deaths and I really liked the ingenuity of how the deaths came about.

I never thought there would be so many ways you could think to kill someone and on some occasions, they had two or three attempts.

This led to a very long Final Destination fest that lasted until around 1am. Not all of the 5 movies were good, but they were all fairly entertaining. This had led me to look at some of the other horror movies that I haven’t checked out yet. Whatever I choose, I hope that it doesn’t have a lot of movies in the series!

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