And so it Begins

12670850_1147425521954835_8054155547025643830_nAt the weekend, my mum started her chemotherapy treatment. She got her appointment a lot quicker than we expected which is a good thing. I know that she was quite worried about it which I can understand – if it had been me, I would have been a nervous wreck.

My brother went with her and stayed until she was finished. It took a lot longer that we thought as there were things they needed to discuss on the first visit. In total, my mum was in there for 6 hours.

I had told my brother that I would go with her on some of the visits to give him a break and also to see mum. Although this will be a big issue for me as I hate the hospital environment and it will trigger my anxiety big time, I feel I want to be there to support mum the way she has for me over the years.

Both my brother and I expected mum to be afraid of the needle as she has always had a big phobia about them, but actually she was very calm and said that it didn’t hurt. I guess when you are facing an obstacle like cancer, everything else seems mundane. When I spoke to her later in the evening, she told me that although she had taken books and crosswords to read, she was more interested in what was going on. My mum has always been like that, even when at a restaurant she always spends a lot of time looking around at the hussle and bussle.

To our surprise, my mum said that she had no side effects so far. They had given her intravenous steroids and anti-emetics help with sickness and the effects of the chemo, but it was still a pleasant surprise. Apparently, mum had a raging hunger and was eating my brother out of house and home! Partly due to the steroids I guess, but also feeling more relaxed.

My brother decided that mum would stay with them over the weekend, which was a good idea. Mum had continued to feel good on Saturday and Sunday, and felt stronger than she had for a while. Her anti-emetics are due to stop on Monday (Today), so she is going to stay at my brothers for another couple of days to see how she is.

It has been a very positive experience for her so far and although she has more to come, hopefully mum will continue to feel OK.



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