First Yoga, Then a Walk

Well, today I started my yoga training to see if it will get me fit and help me calm my anxiety. I decided to use YouTube to find a nice easy start to my education. I chose a nice Yoga for Beginners video that took things slowly and steadily.

It made slow start that was good for my stiff and slightly overweight body. Thankfully he mentioned that the joints might crack early on. I was beginning to think that I was causing multiple fractures.

I actually found my body getting more relaxed with each position, which was a great feeling. I also found my mind becoming more peaceful. After the 20 minutes, I actually felt like doing more, but I thought I should take it slowly at first.

Instead, I chose to take my dog for a walk across the fields near my house. It has been such a lovely day today and the walk did us both a lot of good.

I have found today very productive and I feel better for the exercise. Time will tell if this helps with my anxiety, but I am hopeful that is will.


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