How to Increase Traffic to your Blog – The Dad Network

Being a dad and a blogger, I always read what The Dad Network has to offer. They often have great tips and tricks on both subjects and they inject a bit of humour as well.

This article from them explains how they have managed to increase traffic to their site. Although this is by no means a definitive formula (because there isn’t one), it does have some great ideas that might just get those readers stopping at your site.

I myself have started to implement some of these ideas, such as a scheduled writing period and working out how much content I can create in that time.

I am also adding my own little tweaks such as uniform branding across my social media and blog. If they all follow the same style and avatar, then people will know it is you. Also companies will see a professional approach which may gain their interest.

By passing on these little ideas and tips, we should all soon be creating informative and valued content that is (and I am going to use a phrase I hate) fit for purpose!


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