Me, my Mind and a Wedding

Today, I am travelling to Norwich for the wedding of a good friend. To be honest, it would need to be a good friend as I would have come up with a million excuses not to go otherwise.

Of course this involves travelling many miles and enduring public transport (train), which I am not looking forward to. My anxiety screams at me that I am heading into a biohazard that will expose me to several lethal pathogens.

Of course I know that this isn’t true…I think, but just the thought sends me into a panic. To top it all, I am also in need of the toilet, but the ones at the station are just a step to far for my shadow to cope with. Just entertaining the possibility was enough to make my throat close up.

My imaginative McGyver type mind came up with a plan. The station I am travelling to has only just been opened, so logic reasons that it hasn’t accumulated so many germs yet. This is the argument that I am submitting to my anxiety in the hope I can go in there.

I will write an update on my travels when I have recovered from them, but it will be worth all the anxiety to be there.


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