Too Tired to Write

I don’t usually like to bandy about serious conditions such as Man Flu, but I think I may have succumb today. I had a bit of a sore throat yesterday, but it didn’t seem too bad, then by last night, I definitely knew I wasn’t well.
I am as you may know from my previous posts, battling health anxiety and even though I can justify this cold, it still starts my shadow thinking the worst.

I have so little energy, that I have resorted to typing this on my tablet while laying down. I did try to sit at my desk, but I just had the overwhelming need to lay down. Part of my lack of energy could be my reduction in caffeine, but feeling poorly on top of that doesn’t help.

Of course, if you mention your condition to anyone, their first responds is usually ‘Oh there is a lot of that about’. I am sure they would say that to anything. If I told them I have myxomatosis, I am sure the reply will be the same. I haven’t got myxomatosis of course….do i ?


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