Don’t Try This At Home


2000px-Lotus_position.svgMy plan to start yoga has been going well. I haven’t had as much time over the past few days as I would have liked, but I have still found time to do at least 20 minutes a day.

Yesterday however, I decided to continue with my exercise despite having a cold and an aching body. I thought that the yoga would help to loosen me up and may boost my recovery.

Now, I confess that I am not the most agile person at the moment and my technique has some to be desired, but I think I might have to improve my ability in future before doing yoga when in pain.

From the start, I feared that I had made an error of judgement. just trying to twist in the warm-up was causing my legs to shake to the point that I could feel my belly wobble. I also started sweating profusely from what felt like every pore in my body.

I must have looked a poor sight and I am only glad this happened in the privacy of my own home. If this had been in the gym, I think they might have called the paramedics.

I managed to do about 15 minutes before I collapsed in a heap on the floor, my lungs desperately gasping for every molecule of oxygen in the air. I lay there for a while, contemplating if I had the strength to open my eyes and fearful of what i might see if I did. Maybe a concerned wife? my cat trying to lick the salt off my fevered brow?

Needless to say, I will be taking a day or two rest before I continue my next session.


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