Distraction #1 – Paper Toss 2.0 Review


I thought that as part of my blog, I would include reviews of the things that help me if I need to distract myself from anxiety of a panic attack.

I use these particular things because they are enough of a no-brainer that I don’t need to concentrate too much, but not so easy that I am not distracted.

The first distraction I use quite a lot is Paper Toss 2.0 from developer Backflip Studios. I got it from the Google Play Store, but you can also get it on iTunes. It is a free download on both platforms.


For people who may not know, Paper Toss 2.0 is a game of skill where you have to throw the screwed up paper ball into the waste bin. It might sound simple, but it is actually not as easy as it seems. Matters are made worse by the addition of a fan that blows in different directions and speeds to blow your ball off course.



There is a guide to the strength of the wind speed so you can adjust for the amount of drift the ball will take. If you get a ball in the basket, you get a point which you accumulate the more you get in a row. If you miss one however, your score returns to zero. Trying to beat your last high score is enough of an incentive to keep you trying.

I find it a good distraction because it gives me the right amount of interest and concentration and I can pick it up and play when I need to.


The graphics are good and give you a nice amount of detail for the surroundings. There are also things that interact if you accidentally hit them.



The controls couldn’t be easier. You just need to swipe your finger in the direction you want the ball to go. The harder you swipe, the further the ball will travel.

Zones and Upgrades

There are many zones you can choose from including the Boss’s Office, the Basement and the Cubicle. These offer different surroundings and other things to interact with. You can also choose from other things to throw including a ball of fire and a Watermelon. You can also get power-ups which help you to get a better score.

Overall 4/5

This is a very nice game that you can play for ages or just a few minutes. I find it really useful for distracting myself when I’m anxious and I hope that it might do the same for others.




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