Distraction #2 – Twangle


Not all of my distraction techniques focus on games. Sometimes I use things to distract other senses.

I have recently started using a Tangler which I use if I am out but don’t have the time to play a game. The Tangler has sections of plastic that are connected together and can then be spun around. This means you can manipulate the whole length to make different shapes and even join other Tangles to it.

Although this wasn’t designed to be used for sensory distraction, it really works very well. They come in different colours and plastics so you can choose one that you like.

Because they are not designed to be handled too roughly, I have accidentally broken a couple with my over zealous panic attacks. However, they did last a couple of months and they are fairly cheap to buy, I purchased mine from eBay.


The main benefit for me is that it has replaced my habit of twirling little pieces of paper in my pocket. This has often led to a pile of twisted and rolled up paper along with paper dust.

As anyone who has read my other post Confessions of a Pocket Fumbler, they will know that this habit has got me into trouble at times.

There are also other types of sensory hand things like shapes filled with sand and strings of beads. These are also good for those who need something to do while they are anxious.


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