What a Weekend…So Far!

Well, I have been so busy the last few days. I don’t think I have got to sleep before midnight the last three nights.

Not only have I been helping out at the church holiday club, but i have had a ton of writing to do for clients. I really appreciate being busy, it helps to keep my shadow at bay when I can’t think about it.

However, now as i start to wind down, I feel my shadow looking for some ‘me’ time! It never fails to start if I am really busy. It hasn’t been the usual strength and I think that is because of my cut down on caffeine.

I have had a lot of fun the past few days though, my social anxiety is always present at these events, but i challenge myself to do them in an attempt to combat it. I am also not much of a speaker usually. Small talk always seems a bit unnecessary to me, but I have even tried to do that!

Hopefully the rest of Easter will be relaxing. Have a good holiday!

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