Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice Review


It seems as though this movie has been coming for ages, trailer after trailer on YouTube and endless rumours.

Well, today I went to see this much anticipated film, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I did like the Superman reboot and even the Batman reboot was not too bad (still a Michael Keaton fan). But i wasn’t sure how I would feel about these two getting together.

Who are you?

Firstly it was about Ben Affleck playing the Dark Knight. I thought his portrayal was good, but I don’t think the script or sombre atmosphere helped him. Also, I think it would have been better if Christian Bale had reprised his role for this movie. I know that was probably not going to happen, but I had the feeling that I didn’t know this Batman. I knew Superman from the other films, but this was a new Batman and I didn’t have any connection with him.

I won’t say too much, but the trailers didn’t relate to things as I imagined, when I saw it in context, it didn’t have the impact I thought it was going to.


Dark, Dark Knight

The premise I thought was all about the battle between these two titans of DC Comics, but most of it was posturing and Bruce Wayne moping about and getting Alfred’s nerves. I realise they wanted to create some atmosphere, but there wasn’t and light moments for me, it was all depression and darkness.

Even Henry Cavill was serious and deep in thought throughout. Even though the events leading up to this movie are destructive and sad, it was a long time to sit through so much negative energy.

The appearance of Wonder Woman was a nice moment, I like the way they kept her under wraps for most of the movie, just hinting to her alter ego at times. I think the portrayal of her character was good as well. No where near the image created by the 1970’s TV show and all to the good for it.

Lex Luthor was another good shout for me, Jesse Eisenberg plays him as a mad slightly Joker’ish way that isn’t really as the character is portrayed in the comics. But its was a brief change of pace to the rest of the movie.

What Could Have Been

It is such a shame, because this could have really been a cracker of a movie, a massive battle between good and..well good. It is also a shame because I think having a strong Marvel and DC cinematic universe would have been amazing for the movie goers.

I fear that rather than this being the continuation of another reboot, it might be end, with a rebooted reboot still to come.


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