The Case of the Popped Airbed

The problem with having three cats is that they are often getting into mischief. One of their favourite activities is to jump up onto, or claw at anything inflated.

We have a 10 ft pool that we often put up in the summer. My daughter loves it and we leave it up for all of the summer holidays. The past couple of years have been dogged with the inflatable ring going down overnight and half of the pool water spilling out onto the garden. We then spend a good hour trying to trace those little claw marks that have caused the trouble. Now our pool looks like a patchwork quilt, covered with puncture patches.

This is all leading me to the latest act of sabotage. We have friends staying with us, so my  daughter is sleeping on an air bed in our room at the moment. As you can imagine, the soft undulation of an air bed, is heaven to our feline companions. In fact, the bed wasn’t up even a day until my daughter said to me ‘Dad, the bed feels flat’. Sure enough, the air had escaped.

For some reason, trying to find a hole in an air bed is more difficult that a pool. We weren’t able to find the tell tale hole, so we have had to buy a new one. I am awaiting the invention of cat paw print tracing. Then I can interrogate the offending cat and make sure they are held accountable.

They are working hard though, the local bird and mouse population are virtually non-existent now. I am waiting for one of them to try and pull a cow from the local field through the door!


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