I Smell Smoke – We’re In Trouble

I wanted to share this truly amazing blog post and a really great blog.

The Depressed Cupcake

The past five years of my life have been a bit of a blur, full of heartache and difficult times. Everything was great for a little while. By the end of 2011 I was happily married, living in my own home and attempting to start a family. My panic attacks had quieted down and I was left with the slow burning flame that was my chronic anxiety. While I was blissfully and ignorantly living my own life, my family was falling apart around me. I always knew that my brother was a troubled kid. When we were younger we hated each other. We would fight constantly. He would take my clothes and mutilate them, we would scream and call each other names, he even punched a hole in my bedroom door once (maybe twice). Underneath all of the fighting I think we resented each other. He resented me for being…

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