Pajamas, Pinocchio and…


Dog poop, sorry to be so descriptive, but that’s what it is. All three today in a very high and low Sunday.

We decided to have a pajama day today as my daughter is in a bit of pain. She has a condition called Ehlers Danlos which means she is super bendy and can also pop her joints out easily. It is something she endures with amazing tolerance, but sometimes she needs to rest.

We were going far a walk in the woods with our dog, but we decided against it and just watch some Netflix instead. This is where Pinocchio comes in, I have often asker her if she wants to see it and she always says no. This time I just put it on and within minutes she was glued. Such a classic Disney movie still holds the attention of a 9 year old..and a 41 year old as well!

I decided to take our dog Amber for a walk around the fields as compensation for missing the woods. She was keen as she has convinced herself that there is a bear or something in the bushes. Whatever it is, she is determined to sniff it out, alas, no luck so far.

There was more disappointment however, because the entrance to the field was blocked by workmen. The look of distain in Ambers eyes was comical, but we went for a walk anyway. This is where the final part of the day comes in, dog poop. It isn’t a nice subject, but it is one that occurs frequently when you own a dog. I have never owned a dog before we got Amber 3 years ago and I don’t think i was prepared for the act of scooping. I found that it really sent my health anxiety through the roof. Even though I use bags and have anti-bacterial gel for my hands, it still makes my throat constrict as I’m doing it. We got a dog as companionship for my wife when she first got PTSD. Amber has been a great addition to the family, but also a difficulty from that respect.

I wouldn’t change a thing though, because my wife really loves her and so do I. I guess in some ways, it’s like a therapy session, a kind of exposure therapy for me. Hopefully it will help me in the long run.

But of course tomorrow is school again and the busy mornings resume. Good luck to all those parents and guardians who will be waking with the dawn.


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