Power Corrupts


That is what the old saying says, ‘Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely’.

I had one of those frustrating phone calls from a big company that truly believes that they are above all sanction. This went as far as complaints, who said that because I had no proof that someone was rude to me on the phone, they couldn’t help. They also told me that it didn’t mention that they were rude in the notes….

I think that it would be the height of foolishness for someone to be rude to a customer and then write it down in the notes. It is at times like these when I had powerful friends who could put these people in their place. Not that I would ever use the term ‘Do you know who I am?!’, but it would be nice.

Customer service has really changed over the last few years. The customer is no longer ‘always right’ in fact it seems the customer is now ‘often wrong’ in many companies eyes.

I realise that there are people who will complain for no reason, but it seems that more often, companies will actively argue the toss with you and swear black is white just so they don’t have to appologise.

There is a standing joke in our house of a time when I phoned a mobile operator because the signal at my house was bad. I had to sit on the kitchen sink to speak to anyone even though we had a mast near to us. The company denied that the signal was bad and complained that they couldn’t hear me. They asked me if I could get into a better signal area.

Maybe one day the roles will become more balanced, when companies admit when they are wrong and customers wont make silly complaints….nah.


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