Ruby Wax Talks About Mental Health Awareness

The Friends Of The Semel Institute For Neuroscience & Human Behavior At UCLA's  Inaugural Music And The Mind Gala

I have recently read an article in the Huffington Post by Ruby Wax, regarding mental health awareness. She has spoken out about mental health many times and understands the importance of beating stigma.

She writes:

They’re not just being brave, they’re almost proud to say aloud (probably for the first time) that they find life hard and that the answer to, “How are you?” might not be “Fine”.

It is great that someone in the public eye is standing up for those who can’t get their voices heard. She also mentions that while the awareness weeks are good, we should think about longer days if we want to beat stigma.

It should be mental health week, every week. Why just a few awareness weeks scattered here and there, like throw cushions? If we want to stop the stigma we might have to think about it longer than seven days.

It is up to everyone to help raise the awareness of mental health and stop stigma.


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