Help Me Make It Through The Night


You know, I like using song titles for my blog posts, I might do it more often. If you know who sang the song in the title, comment below. Although I won’t use that Country and Western song ‘How Can I Forget You If You Won’t Go Away’. Those guys are so smooth talking, and the songs are so funny and sad at the same time.

Well, this title is pretty accurate, because last night was a difficult one. For some reason my anxiety really hung on like a dog with a bone. I tried my inhaler, playing games and writing, but nothing was going to shift it.

I knew I wasn’t going to sleep, so I resorted to watching Murdoch Mysteries which I am really into at the moment. I managed to watch about three before I felt tired enough to sleep. It is a bit disappointing because I have been in a good run of late and I was hoping that I was starting to kick it into touch.

It was also a rocky start to the morning, because I woke up feeling anxious and that is never a good idea. I have managed to eat though and it has settled down now.

Anxiety is such a pain in the arse, but I guess compared to other problems, I am lucky. That is what I keep telling myself. Hope you are all having a good spell.


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