Twisting By The Pool


There comes a time each year when my wife will utter those immortal words, “Get the pool out!” This usually involves a lot of lifting, filling and general chaos for a day until it is filled and all the filters are attached.

With the solemn promise from the Met Office that we are going to have the hottest summer since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there was no chance that my wife would let this opportunity slip past.

I really like having the pool up, it lets my daughter play during the hot weather and she is happy in there for a long time. Even I make the occasional dip in there when it gets really hot. It has been one of the best things we have bought and we have had it up nearly every year since we got it 5 years ago.

The only down side is that it takes a good day to fill up and my daughter just can’t contain herself. She has already had her first dip of the year in only two inches of water. But at least she will get lots of enjoyment out of it.


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