Norman Lamb: My sister’s suicide and son’s mental health problems made me determined to push for change

This is a very interesting article in the Telegraph with Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb regarding his campaign for better mental health services. The death of his sister from suicide and his son’s mental health problems have made him a determined advocate for better care and support – especially for the young.

When talking about his son’s battle with OCD, he understands all too well the stigma and lack of understanding.

“The problem is that OCD and some other conditions are trivialised too much so people think it’s just being a bit orderly about things,”

Having OCD myself, I can relate to the problems both he and his son have experienced. Especially when his son kept his problems to himself as I did.

“It is in fact about coping with extraordinarily dark thoughts, distressing thoughts, and when I discovered that he had been trying to cope with this for probably three years before he came out in the open…”

The problem is there needs to be more members of parliament who share these aims so that real change can happen. It might seem like a trivial or unimportant issue to many, but when you consider that there has been a 68% rise in the number of young people admitted to hospital for self harm in the past 10 years, it puts this issue into perspective.

These young people are our future and they need and deserve better treatment so that they can become the people they want to be.


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