Axed Government mental health tsar Natasha Devon

Natasha Devons’ piece in the Telegraph unfortunately only confirms what I already knew. That Government in any area, local or central, is not going to listen unless a major media storm is made.

It is such a shame, because there are lots of people who are doing good work and see things that could be improved. I know that they can’t listen to everyone, but when it comes to mental health issues, they are sadly lacking.

It wouldn’t be so bad if they were making a concerted effort to improve services and make support available, but there are many reports to say that this isn’t happening. Whatever the reason, this needs to be addressed and if there is someone willing to help, they should be encouraged.

Having worked in local government myself in the past, I know how red tape and proper procedure can stall initiatives before they get off the ground. But I also know how stubborn managers and senior staff can be, especially if they are in the wrong.

I really hope that this new cross department tsar will be given the freedom to say what needs fixing and be given the tools to fix it.


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