Home Alone (Sort of)


I am sat here waiting while my daughter has her choir lesson, with numerous things going around in my mind. I am thinking about my wife, who we just left at the hospital for three days of tests. I am wondering what to have for my dinner and also how I am going to manage putting my daughters hair into a plat tomorrow for school.

I am usually very organised and I have done the housework before so that doesn’t phase me. The problem is remembering everything so that I don’t forget my daughters water bottle or even forget my daughter herself! Of course I wouldn’t do that, but just in case, there is a fully detailed list of clothing and food options taped to the cupboard door by my wife.

There are even reminders to feed the dog and rabbit which is handy as I usually forget and wonder why they are looking at me woefully. My medication makes me really forgetful to the point where I am thinking of tattooing regular tasks to the inside of my eyelids to remind me.

So, I thought that I would jot down a little passage for my blog while I wait and think about the jobs that need doing when I get home. The upside is hearing the angelic singing that is seeping softly through the hall door. I can’t wait to hear them singing at the Cathedral later this summer.

Now, shall I have braised fillet of steak with new potatoes and green beans?……no, I will have pasta!


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