Do You Remember Me?


I have been reading a number of articles about anxiety and various facts relating to the disorder. I have done this a few times over the years, but something cropped up that I hadn’t hear about before.

As I have said before in Home Alone (Sort of) and other articles, I have had a problem remembering things since I have been on my medication (Clomipramine). I have never had a Mastermind memory, but It does get worse when I am on my meds.

However, I was reading in the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) website, that having minds go blank is a symptom of anxiety. I didn’t realise that it was a problem before, I had just determined that I had a bad memory. Of course, my meds also make my memory bad, so the two things together gives me no chance at all!

The NIMH website gives you the symptoms of all the forms of anxiety, so you can check them out as well.


3 thoughts on “Do You Remember Me?

  1. Neat! I know that when you get stressed out there’s an evolutionary component to it where remembering numbers or contact details are just not ingrained in our minds and are some of the first things to jump out the window as the body is preparing for flight or fight instead. Which is of course a pain in the butt when you get stressed out! Which is good to have written out coping strategies and people to contact then. =]


      1. Yuuuup! That’s how it is, ever so gwah worthy *shakes head*
        That would be good! I’ve been told plenty of times that keeping some kind of index card or little business cards with ways to come down and tips to get through the crisis could be quite beneficial to me. Maybe trying something like that could work for you, too? :3


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