Doctors and Nurses


This isn’t really anxiety related, but I wanted to write this so that my reader (Hello there!), can hear about the positive experiance my wife received while in hospital.

Most stories you will read on the internet or in the newspapers, are about how the NHS or doctors and nurses have failed or done something wrong. I thought it would be nice to write about a good experiance that was full of support and care.

My wife had to go into hospital to have a 72 hour fasting test. This involved as you would imagine, having to forego everything except water. The purpose was to monitor blood sugar over the whole period. As you can imagine, this was a very difficult test for my wife, who at times was feeling very unwell because of the fasting.

From the moment we arrived at the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, the nurses and healthcare professionals were pleasant and helpful. They quickly booked my wife in and took down all the details about her stay. The junior doctor then came around and explained everything that was going to happen and reassured my wife that they would keep monitoring her.

Because my wife suffers from PTSD that is made worse by the hospital environment, they placed her in a side room. She has really bad anxiety attacks when faced with the machines and medical equipment that are commonplace in a hospital. I  was really impressed by the cleanliness of the room, which hasn’t always been the case at other hospitals we have experienced. My wife also said that the cleaners were wiping and mopping all the surfaces while she was there and being very thorough.

Of course, my wife wasn’t ill as such, so for most of the time, she was trying to keep herself amused with books and colouring. She found it very caring that the student nurses and HCA’s were calling in on her and asking how she was. They even chatted for a little while which broke up he boredom.

Both my wife and I noticed above all else, how much the student nurses and junior doctors were doing on the ward. The ward was full of patients, yet they were always available to help or check my wife and were very pleasant and understanding. I know that junior doctors in particular have come under some bad press lately, but we found that they were working really hard but always had time to listen and act on any problem my wife and the other patients had.

This was to me, the very embodiment of what the NHS is supposed to be. But this wasn’t the product of a cash injection or more staff, this was a team of professionals who cared about their patients and genuinely wanted to do a good job, despite being very busy the whole time my wife was there.

We haven’t always had such positive experiences, but this really restored the faith in the NHS and the staff that worked there for the both of us.


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