Mental health in schools: Lily’s story | Education | The Guardian

I must admit that when I read the headline of this story in The Guardian, I thought it was going to be about how the school had failed the pupil and didn’t understand her situation. I was wrong, this article is a passionate plea from a headteacher who desperately wants to help this girl.

The girl has suffered unimaginable things in her young life and it is no wonder that she is having trouble coping with some situations. The headteacher at her school has done a lot to help her at this very important (GCSE), part of her school life.

It seems as though the school is doing everything it can to support and encourage this young girl, even arranging for a teacher to take her home after lessons. I just wish that more schools and head teachers were as pro-active. The head in this article, mentions that a colleague from another school wasn’t as concerned about helping the child as they were keeping their figures up.

I have found this to be the case at my daughter’s school. They were once as helpful and pro-active as the one in this article, however, this has changed so dramatically, that parents are fearing for the long term. They have for example, stopped all teacher communications with parents except through the office. They are even dissuaded from talking to parents apart from school reports.

This school and it’s head teacher should be held as an example of how children and parents should be supported. To many, this is far more important than what an Ofsted report says.


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