The Great Flood of 2016


What a to do! It was all over the news last night and again this morning. Thunder, lightning, flooding the whole nine yards. Where we live there were stories of rivers getting high, streets flooded, cars getting stranded and our church car park was flooded (should we be worried?).

When I went to bed last night, it was raining. It was the sort of rain that sounds really loud. Like someone was walking along the road and emptying hundreds of boxes of rice crispies on the floor. It was the kind of rain that made me think ‘Should I get up and see just how bad this rain is?’ Even though you know that it will be bad and it will look the same as every other time you have seen it, but something compels you to look.

Work and sleep finally got the better of me and I drifted off. But as anyone in advancing years will no, too much tea (or maybe the sound of the rain), made we want to get up in the middle of the night for as my nan would say ‘a tid’.

I took the opportunity to take a glance outside the window to see just how hard the rain was. It was no surprise to find that is was bad, in fact I think I saw a bird in galoshes dancing down the street like Gene Kelly!

This morning, all the usually places that flood were flooded. The ducks too advantage to swim a little closer to Sainsbury’s in the hope of some food. In fact on Twitter last night, they had said our local Sainsbury’s was closed due to a leak in the roof. All I could think of was how I was going to cope if Starbucks was closed this morning. Thankfully for all concerned, they were open.

This storm will probably be regaled in years to come as the worst storm for many a year. It will be embellished to the point where the army had to save cats from tree tops, and children had to take the number 9 canoe to school.


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