A Letter to Anxiety – And Once Again, We Play Our Dangerous Game


Dear Anxiety,

I kind of knew that things wouldn’t be calm for long. There is always something around the corner that makes you reappear. The only problem I have, is when I don’t know why you’re here.

If I make a mistake, drink too much caffeine, forget my meds, things like that, then I have only myself to blame. But for the past two days, you have been a constant shadow, following me and no reason why.

I liken you to Peter Pans shadow, independent, unpredictable and restless. But unlike Pans, you don’t want to play, you want to cause harm.

Despite your repeated appearance, I have sought to continue with things the best I can. Until I can no longer put up the facade to other people. Until I need to rest and recover.

It reminds me of my favourite movie, you know the one – The Hunt For Red October. When Sean Connery says to his men that they are playing a game of chess with the Americans.

That is how I see it with us. A tactical game that may never be truly won. But I hope for at least a few ‘checks’ along the way.

Yours Defiantly,



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