Wires, Wires Everywhere


Today, I found the perfect anxiety de-stress activity, it was purely by accident, but it really helped me. I am talking about a massive ball of tangled wires!

As you might know, if you read my previous post Clear The Loft, Clear The Mind, I have been very good and throwing out unwanted tat from my loft. I was continuing this saga which is now into its 4th day when I decided to tackle my box of wires.

This box has been the receptacle for all spare wires entering the house since we moved in 8 years ago. As you can imagine, this is now a very impressive collection and has almost become sentient such is its mass.

I decided that I would be ruthless and throw away any wires that I no longer needed or any that I had more than one of. This job was more difficult than I had imagined, because, like a scene with Vger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, I was battling a beast that did not want to die.

Knots within knots was what greeted me as I started to unpick this ball of copper and plastic. What I had intended to be a fairly quick job, took over an hour or struggling and cursing.

Instead of the Rubiks Cube competitions, they should have people trying to untangle a ball of wires in the fastest time. That would be a far greater challenge for the mind.

One good side effect was that the anxiety that was overshadowing me at the time, was overcome by sheer concentration. There was no room in my brain for anxiety and this complex problem at the same time.

I might patent this as a good stress release toy.


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