I Need to Lay Down

Today, I had to face my fear of vomiting in a way I hadn’t expected. It wasn’t anything I had considered or planned a response for. 

My mother has been unwell for a little while with cancer and she has recently been getting sick. It hasn’t been for any identifiable reason, so my brother decided to take her to the doctors. 

One of the things my brother told me was that the vomit looked a weird colour. As my wife was a nurse, he wanted to know if she wanted to see said vomit so that she could form an opinion. 

He then promptly decided to send me a picture of the vomit….it was something that initially, I couldn’t even look at. It didn’t look particularly discussing, but it was the thought of what it was that did it for me. 

I forwarded the picture quickly and with my eyes partly closed. I then tried to deploy the countermeasures to what was the begining of my anxiety. 

I am glad that I didn’t have a full blown meltdown, but then I wasn’t at the ‘sharp end’so speak. If I had been, the result could have been very different. 

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