Journal #1: Sunday Service

So today I found myself much better than my very anxious state the day before. My daughters friend had not contracted the sickness bug that her brother had, well at least over the past 24 hours.Also, my mother seemed in brighter spirits and is no longer peeing into a bag hanging on her bed.

As if the day could have got any better, my wife made waffles for breakfast. I saw it as my duty to devour as many as I could before the children came downstairs. It was then time for church, which held a few surprises. We arrived to a queue of people in the doorway and my wife’s aunt and her family milling around. At first we thought this was a This is Your Life rehersal, but we then remembered that neither of us are famous.

It turned out to be a christening of a distant relation and we all shook hands and kissed while laughing our surprise. The church was full which was a good sight, the reverend was as I was soon to learn, holding things together admirably.

The usual birthday and notices were concluded along with singing and sermon. Then came the christening and apart from dropping the paper into the font, the reverend marched on gallantly as all the god parents recited their words of support to the baby.

I was feeling good when the service finished, that was until the reverend came over to us and proclaimed that he had got through the service despite wanting to throw up since 3 am. Before he even uttered the words, my anxiety sense realised what he was about to say. Immediately, my mind went into damage limitation mode, replaying every encounter with the reverend since we arrived. I was pleased to find that apart from walking behind me when we got our tea, he had not come into contact with me.

It was enough however for the vice to grip my throat momentarily and have me reaching for my counter measures which I had left at home. Needless to say I will be monitoring everyone for the next 24 hours for any signs of contagen.


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