Journal #7 Remind me to Write That Down

The past couple of days have been a bit of a blur. I have been writing a lot and had a few things to sort out. 

Now my memory has never been the best, and its made worse on this medication. More often than not, I will go downstairs for something and forget it before I reach the bottom. 

So in an effort to remind myself, I have been using Google Keep which let’s me write a list of to do things. It then syncs this list across my laptop, tablet and phone. 

This has been working well, until it hit a loophole. This is because I had forgotten to write on the list, something I wanted to remember. 

A minor setback but I hope it will improve. 

My anxiety has been on a worrying upward trend since Sunday. I though it was just a blip, but it is now a steady level through the day. That makes me anxious just thinking about it. 

Anxiety Level 7


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