#14 – The Coca Cola Truck Should Bring an Ark


Today is the second rainy day we have had, nothing unusual in the UK, but with torrential rain last night and all day today, the local river is ready to burst its banks.

Now, to be honest, the river does this every time there is a shower, but this time it is very bad. The local ducks are lining up to swim to Sainsbury’s for their seeds and lattes.

It reminds me of The Great Flood of 2016 which was also this year, just a bit earlier. The coach part floods leaving tourists wading through the leaves and ankle-deep water.

In some ways, I am looking forward to it, because then I can Periscope it!

In other news, the Coca-Cola lorry has been spotted in Kent. This usually means a flood of children to the local shopping centre, eager to get their drinks and goodies.

It has become something of a tradition here, although I wasn’t able to see it last year. I am hoping to be able to get there this time.

My anxiety has been up and down since the last check-in. Today was a bit wobbly this afternoon, but I did have more coffee than I should. At least the Coca-Cola lorry is coming!

Anxiety Level 7


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