#20 – The Tonsillitis Chronicals


If someone was to document the number of times my daughter had tonsillitis this year, it would undoubtedly spread into several volumes.
It is made more difficult by the fact that she is in the Canterbury Cathedral Youth Choir. She has had to miss a couple of practices already because of it, which has upset her and caused her to miss a concert.

This latest bout has lasted two weeks and we are now into our second bottle of antibiotics. The problem this time however, is that she has a carol concert at the end of the week. Although the doctor said she could sing, we are worried that her arch nemesis will get worse and stop her from performing.

When I was a lad, they would go in and whip out your tonsils in a flash, all the while proclaiming that there was no use for them whatsoever. Now however, they have discovered that they do actually do something, so you now need a royal proclamation to get them removed.

All the parents outside the school gates swear blind that having them removed as a child never hurt them. They say this as they struggle with their bronchial pneumonia or laryngitis, turning blue as they struggle to breathe.

No doubt there will be many more tales of this annoying infection in weeks to come, be sure to wait for the movie coming soon. I hear Peter Jackson is interested in directing it.


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