Musical Reflections

It is odd how you get ideas for blog posts, this one came from a conversation I had with my wife. I read on the now soon to be defunked Facebook, that three of my favourite bands, OMD, Thompson Twins and A-Ha were playing near where we live.

I mentioned to my wife that this is a concert that I wanted to see, to which she replied that she knew A-ha, but didn’t know the other two. It prompted a post on Facebook about it along with my favourite OMD track (Forever) Live and Die.

It prompted me to look at some of the other songs that I used to listed to as a youth. One that I stumbled upon was one that immediately brought memories to my mind. It was James – Sit Down which is a little bit of an odd song, but evokes many memories.

My most vivid memory is having playing this in my burgundy Rover Metro (Note it was a Rover Metro not an Austin). I had in on a cassette tape which I think was the Now 8 album. I remember driving from my house to my friends house with that song playing, my windows down thinking I looked way cooler that a young boy driving a Metro.


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