Top 5 Motivational TED Talks


As those of you who may have read my other post on procrastination, you will know that I have been watching TED talks on YouTube recently. Partly this was because I wanted to see what they were like, but later I saw some talks that were fascinating. They were people who have used various strategies to motivate themselves, and were now passing this on to everyone. I thought I would share my top five favorites, so far anyway.

 5. Jon Ronson

Although this isn’t a motivational talk, it does have a speaker that I can relate to and sympathies with. Jon Ronson, talks about the psychopath test here, but he also talks about having many mental health problems including Generalised Anxiety Disorder, like me. It gives me hope that if he can stand there and make this talk, then anyone can.

4. Dr. Ivan Joseph

Dr. Joseph is a former soccer coach (football in the UK), that gives a great talk on how to give yourself confidence. I like talks that give me the ‘wow’ moment, that say something that really makes me think. This was one of those talks.

3. Carrie Green

For me, this shows the importance of doing something you love. Carrie Green speaks about having a successful business, but not being happy until she changed what she did. The first part is also one of those ‘wow’ moments for me.

2. Scott Geller

I like this guy, not just because he plays the drums, but because he has a good message about self-motivation.

1. Mel Robbins

The title of this talk and some of her language might be a little near the mark, but I like her enthusiasm and her message. She makes a lot of sense and is in many ways what I am guilt of a lot of the time.


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