An Anxious Man

  I'm an anxious man, Living to anxieties plan, When you see me wringing my hands, I'm trying hard to give a damn, But, I'm an anxious man.   I'm an anxious man, I try to walk the dog when I can, But I don't like shit on my hands, So I use fifteen poopy … Continue reading An Anxious Man

Anxiety v Motivation – Who Shall Win?

The past few days has been a little turbulent for me, not because I have had bad anxiety, but because I have had a motivational battle. I guess I'm a little ambitious about what I want to achieve, like anyone who does something they love to do. However, even though I have achieved a few … Continue reading Anxiety v Motivation – Who Shall Win?

VerifiedCBD Anti-Anxiety Oil Review

I received this product to trial and review; all opinions and thoughts are my own. As you may know from reading my blog, I have been suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD and Emetophobia for most of my life. Although I have had moments of low anxiety in that time, I have predominantly had … Continue reading VerifiedCBD Anti-Anxiety Oil Review

Musical Reflections #7 – Band on the Run

I have mentioned before that my memory isn't good, especially around my younger years. There are only a few things I can remember, and some I'm not sure are real memories, or those created from stories my mum told me. One thing I do remember is when my brother Neil Daws was heavily into film … Continue reading Musical Reflections #7 – Band on the Run

Top 5 Motivational TED Talks

As those of you who may have read my other post on procrastination, you will know that I have been watching TED talks on YouTube recently. Partly this was because I wanted to see what they were like, but later I saw some talks that were fascinating. They were people who have used various strategies … Continue reading Top 5 Motivational TED Talks

Procrastination Gets You Nowhere

I have recently been watching some TED talks on YouTube. I though that it would be good for me to replace my recent obsession with old Charlie Chan movies with something more enlightening. For anyone who doesn't know, TED talks are lectures given by some amazing people with a good story to tell. I came … Continue reading Procrastination Gets You Nowhere

Here’s Why Women’s Football is Better

Before this World Cup 2018 started, I had seen a number of women's football matches. I have always though that they deserved to have as much respect and support as their male counterparts. However, it is becoming increasingly clear to me that perhaps the women deserve more respect than the men. Aggression In this World … Continue reading Here’s Why Women’s Football is Better